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Okay… It was probably the site. But don’t worry guys, I think you can keep up with that thing.
“You know Eze-Bob? On the hindsight, building on a gargantuan turtle probably wasn’t the best move.”
“Oh, like you were ever gonna say anything about that before. Living on the front like you do. I’ve had to live on the back side and let me tell you, that place backed some mean southwinds at times…”
And in unrelated jokes, imagine if all of their animals were cyclopean. As if our derpy animal videos weren’t funny enough, but add to that the lack of depthvision…
Aaaand wonder if Polyphemus in angelop-Odysseus’ stories was without eyes…
But jokes aside, I kinda didn’t see this coming and I have no idea where it’s going from here. Ô_o”

While this did not surprise me, I’m trying to narrow it down to which mythology and failing as several, including some North American Indigenous ones refer to the world (or a city/place) mounted on the back of a giant turtle or held up by elephants supported by a giant turtle or….

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