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The well? Oh! That well. Yeah. Right… No. I have no clue. Deus Ex Machina Well, away! 😀
Wonder why he had to narrate this long before going Hyde… I mean, who knows what has happened back with Belby already. Might have even eaten Clive by now for all we know…

These past few strips might have occurred over a matter of seconds. Note that Oswald only yesterday’s strip passed the flying-fish despite having been thrown out the window at a high rate of speed by Beel several of our days ago.

Oh, Beel. You REEEEAAAAALLLYYY Don’t know what you’re dealing with. He may not have the “Power of Love” to draw on here, but there’s plenty of the “Power of Hate” and it was quite foolish to think he couldn’t use that against you.

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