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Sloth, when it comes to angelops. I mean again only one of them is shooting and they are just rushing towards it without bothering to plan at all. Sloth of mind. And there is at least one tubby angel again, which wasn’t surpring when they had been feasting and partying for Lord knows how long. But they seem to be the God’s appointed soldiers against the darkness, so… How do you get out of shape during that? Sloth of body. Not to mention how fast they just ended up partying instead they literal God given duty, which was not just some moral duty to do a good job and “fight the good fight”. Fpr these guys their task was truly divine in origin, they must have known it is quite literally the good fight spoken of before, so… Very, very special kind of sloth. Of purpose perhaps…

But over all, exquisite chapter, of which I would have wanted to hear so, so much more. As it is, it left so many questions unanswered, that I only dare hope all the fortune and health for you, so that one day mayhaps we will have them all in some other stories. Great beginning, good middle, but perhaps a bit rushed end. You could have taken way more time with the end.

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