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Captain, we’re locked again on last Thursday’s comic. Quick, someone go kick the computer to try and unstick it!

Captain. I informed the headquarters, but there’s no telling when they will get the message.

Until they respond, I think we just have to hope that whatever went wrong won’t keep us from moving forward for too long.

Thanks. Sometimes, I wonder if we’re the only two reading this due to not seeing anyone else comment. Yet, when they hold a Kickstarter, it does get funded.

We’re just the noisy ones. Not that I too have all that smoirt things to say in each strip, but it’s become somewhat of a habit to comment something.

Do know a friend too who reads Chronicles (among others), but he’s never mentioned about commenting on any of them.

Still, when seeing some of the other that get hundreds of yadayadas on each strip… It does get really quiet around here. Even I forget to check back on few days. XD

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