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… God All-Mighty in Heaven, can a person be this thick. Took me three strips to notice that I know this story. And while the strips themselves could have been from other times, the name of the story should have been a straight clue. But do carry on. Those who haven’t seen this one are in for another treat and it’s a good read for us others too.
“Bad baby!” XD

YEP! They’ve been repeating for quite some time actually! This is at least the second, if not third time i’ve seen “My time with Clive” on here. Tried to say something earlier but got chewed out by people.

This would be the second time. The reason this has happened is the site had caught a nasty virus and we had to delete the whole thing and rebuild it from scratch. So what we’ve been doing is rebuilding the library and we’re almost caught up. This has given us the added bonus of having a lot of new content for when these stories are done and it’s just the first 3 stories in the Clive cycle of stories, so once those are up all new content from there. If you want new content from Oswald the best way to get it is when we do our Kickstarters or you can join the newsletter where I post up the same pages that are in my blog but with all of the dialog. I hope that explains a few things and my apologies if anyone gave you a hard time here. Thank you for your support 😀

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