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Rainbow Days 69

Rainbow Days 69 published on 5 Comments on Rainbow Days 69


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Okay. Now I know this should be dramatic and horrible and whatnot… But I just end up thinking this is totally hilarious. 😀
Either that thing is God damn (or damned by a number of gods to be) brittle, our sorcerer her is one brute of a spellcaster to the able to crack the horn like that. (Not to mention fast for going next to Bubbles without him getting a move in between and then bck in front of him and then ending it with a stab… Though magic might have played a part here or there)
But regardless it all comes down to the most wise-cracking, outright annoying at times and surely the least helpful tOC character seemingly kicking the bucket by his own horn… Yeah, good times. 😀
Oh, and I might be evil…

Holding a charging equine by the head, yanking out the horn from the skull by the base (not breaking it off, but yanking it out) and then stabbing the equine before he can react?

Strong, and fast! Nasty. (Is thinking a combination of haste, true strike and Bull’s strength here in D&D terms).

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