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Rainbow Days 52

Rainbow Days 52 published on 2 Comments on Rainbow Days 52


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Okay. So we got rid of at least some of the undead… With the expense of a power that probably could have destroyed the whole town they were going to…
Though for a great fire… It doesn’t seem to be so great… Would have believed it to be more like a fire nuke or something…
Bubbles is just trying to get her to spend all her assets before they get… *Omnious sounds* To HIS town! Bet he’s evil…

Sad thing about zombies. Yes, fire kills zombies, but you don’t WANT to use fire on them, at least not until you’ve killed them with a headshot first. Why? Zombies don’t tend to realize they’re on fire, and will just stumble around setting everything in their path on fire too until something happens to take their mobility away (like all their limbs burning off) and then they just lie there burning to death.

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