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Lets see. Oswald is uniaue speaking mundane who not only can learn and handle somthing like dozen or perhaps even dozens (depending on how many such exist in here) magical crafts and not only that, but he possesses innate knowledge on how to use many of them without even understanging himself how he knows these things. Also he likely has magical ways that are completely unique to him and can’t even be tapped into by any other beings…

Then again he’s supposedly prophecied to go against some beyond reason creature of immense power and scale. One that he alone can oppose, so…

Granted, I’m also recalling that the big thing is stirring partly because Oswald exists, so in that way some hostility might be understandable. 😀

Ps. Since this comment is getting long already… I didn’t seem to find from the Kickstarter a choice where you could get only the new things, unique to thist KS, in physical copies. Just missing it or could there be such an option?

I would think what you would want is the Books level 1 option. The only book in there that isn’t wholly new is My First Day, but it is part of the package because it leads directly into the 2 new books. Just remember that this is the only time I’m going to be producing these books in this particular format and they’re all limited to 250 copies of each. Thank you for the interest.

Buy or cry. Kinda hard odds there, but hard selling point as well.
And sure I was going to chip in anyhow, just thought to ask if there was a possibility to just get the new goods. But I might be able to find someone who’d like a bit of good comic in their library. 😀

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