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Rainbow Days 21

Rainbow Days 21 published on 5 Comments on Rainbow Days 21


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NOW we’re talking. 😀
But there are couple of pointers, I feel need to mention.
1) Zap or fireball her pretty little head and she’s still kinda dead… Especially zap tends to move faster than you, so no dodging either…
2) I hope those “other things” aren’t like the sword where you have somewhat high change to hurt yourself… And I hope that scabbard of hers is cut proof, or that blades gonna do wonders while she moves…
3) This all is coming from a talking rodent, who, sure, can make flashy things and runes with fingers, but whom our lady just now met. How is she supposed to take this all for granted? And even if she does test the things out and see how they work, what proof does she have that the enchantments last? That this is no trick? I mean… Stranger-danger, anyone? 😀

Yeeeeeaaaahh… I just like to be a pain in the buttocks. 😛

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