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Rainbow Days 19

Rainbow Days 19 published on 2 Comments on Rainbow Days 19


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“I give you all this stuff. So go!”
“Uuumm… I still have no experience in dealing, let alone fighting powerful sorcerers…”
“Well there’s no time like now. Now get going!”
“Can’t you give me at least some protection against magic?”
“Nooooo… That would be utterly silly.”

Let’s see.

1.) Bow that never misses. Check.

2.) Never empty quarrel. Check.

3.) An arrow that’s to be used only in the most dire of circumstances, ie, a fantastic Nuke. Check.

I do believe that Oswald has given our fair hunter a more than decent chance at taking down this sorcerer.

Now protection against magic is a tricky thing.

If Oswald protects her against ALL magic, in a dream-world, especially, it could prove disastrous, as the protection could not tell between what magic is harmful and what is beneficial. Healing potions or even herbs may not work. Hell, even gathering nutrition from food might not work.

If Oswald tries to protect her against what he perceives as “harmful” and the sorcerer uses something else, it might not protect at all.

Really, I think Oswald’s done pretty good here. She just has to be careful not to let anyone take her stuff.

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