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Rainbow Days 17

Rainbow Days 17 published on 4 Comments on Rainbow Days 17


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“Well listen now girly. Just because I can’t do anything, doesn’t mean nothing should be done. So… Because quite randomly we happened to meet and I wield authority over you because of reasons, I’m now telling you to go there and kick that wizard’s buttocks. Am I understood?” 😀

I wonder how Oswald is figuring that he gets to boss people around like this… Sure he’s an emperor in the waking world, but here he’s just another dreamer. Powerful dreamer, but dreamer nonetheless.
And while talking about it, wasn’t it a certain mouse who ran away to his dreams from his duties that made this whole conversation possible? Hhhhmmmmm? Might be good to give a thought for that before telling other people how to go about their businesses. 😛

Oswald, this particular interpretation of you really irks me.

Either help her, or don’t, and your dialog on the first panel is totally confusing to the Nth degree.

Isn’t it supposed to be “Normally I’d be MORE than happy to help…” not “LESS than happy.”

And there are way too many “buts” in that run-on sentence. Honestly, a gentleman or gentlemouse does not talk that way, unless he’s intoxicated, panicking, or infuriated beyond all reason. Oswald is none of those things.

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