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Just so long as he doesn’t appear as a “My Little Pony” pony (shudder).

Oswald Fluttershy… Yeah, powers-wise he should be Twilight, but nobody cares about that plotpony. And Oswald is far more loving and friendly than critter who needed to be taught to be friends with others…

What? The newest gen is exactly the same as He-man, Spiderman and Turtles were back in the 80s and 90s, where as those are nowadays full of all sorts of “edge” and angst and drama that one of my co-worker’s kids put it the best about Turtles. That the old -87 to 96 were the “good Turtles” and the newer ones (-03 if I’m not mistaken… been unemployed for a while…) are the “evil Turtles”…

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