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“You are not one of us, so you can have no input in this matter where we have seriously tunneled vision.”

Oh, how that has been heard time and time again in these times… As a unemployed, not highly educated, white straight cis male from well doing country… I’m by cultural trends not allowed to say anything to anything, ‘cose I, due to my birth, upbringing and choices can in absolute no way have knowledge of anything or even empathize anyone outside my very strict and limited cultural, racial, gender, sexual boundaries that I in no way can bypass in any way.

Which can be perfectly stated to me by three-way splice of African-American-Asian from where ever who’s genderfluid between four different genders and omnisexual to boot. ‘Cose they somehow are completely able to chart me perfectly without any prior or even current knowledge of me as a person…

Yeah… I do take a bit of an issue with these… Sorry. ^^’

Long story short: We should ALL treat each other the same. If you want to hate, then hate everyone. If you don’t want to hate, then just fething stop hating!

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