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This was actually a point where I just have to talk about the book again. As Oswald changed the foot, the biggest reason our Boogie was hindered in pursuit was that even though he’s technically evil and chaotic, even he is still bound by the treaty by which no fae can impact the life of humans.

Then how did those goblins get away with stealing the life energy of the little girl that was Oswald’s first friend? That HAS to be a violation.

It was, those goblins justified themselves by saying she was dying anyway, so why let good life force go to waste. The fae are a loosely united people like nomadic tribes who call a certain region home. They have a queen but are rarely in touch with her and as far as the compact they have with humans it is primarily based on the honor system and fear of either man or other fae coming after them if they go too far in breaking it. I hope that helps.

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