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*Commentor voice:* And now continuing our series of Differences Between Book And Comic.

It’s kinda strange, now that the goblins are way cuter than in the book, that Oswald would react like that. They are after all smaller, look kinda like most of the critters Oswald has encountered during his lives, and speaking of which, he has seen mar (plural form for that? just mar or mars?) whom have look a little more stranger than these kids.

Though in boo I’d recall the boy having been still spasming on the forcefield when Oswald went to the door, so… That might help the repulsness-factor…

Oswald has a deep-seated hatred and distrust of goblins since what happened to his first friend, the sweet, sickly little girl that they sucked the life out of, and forced him to watch by trapping him in a magic field, and then sicced a cacaodaemon on him. The fact that he isn’t blasting THESE goblins into atoms is him showing restraint.

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