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On the Wings of Diadra 17

On the Wings of Diadra 17 published on 2 Comments on On the Wings of Diadra 17


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To call a Spade a Spade, I’m wondering if a disaster is in the cards. Then again they could order some Clubs sandwiches and, if Diadra wears her Hearts on her sleeve (or up it), the night could go Aces. You’ll just have to play the hand that you’re dealt, Oswald…

Well aren’t you a Jack-of-all-trades. Commenter and comedian in the same deal. Still needing some polish though, you Diamond in the rough. Can’t yet quite qive you a Full House to perform in. Need let the real Jokers. With skills like that you just might end up making a Kingsized plunder and your comedy career could end up Straight Flushed down the toilet. 😀

Couldn’t come up anything fitting for Queen… Pity…

Comicwise though, I’d image Oswald being both easy AND hard opponent in strippoker. Sure he doesn’t wear much, so getting more rounds would be difficult, but he also wouldn’t care how much he lost. Wouldn’t affect his game at all, ‘cose being pure furry would be just natural for him. 😀

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