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Smoke and mirrors. The oldest tricks in the book.
On a random sidenote. When this story was first told, wasn’t there a strip where Malkit offed his djinn-bride first to save her from the pain of his betrayel or is it just me remembering nonesense?

Definitely not just you Velgar. I remember it as well, and I was very confused to not see it this time around, especially with Oswald still accusing him of uxoricide but with it not being shown. It bothered me enough to make me come out of lurking to comment.

So, he stuck himself in the hammer to become all powerful, now he’s sealed inside the hammer so he can enjoy all the ringing blows as Kelvaris recreates the sun every day?

That’s gonna be one hell of a hangover every morning, not to mention all that bright light that early in the morning.

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