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“Uumm… Hey, guys? You heard the rumours that some crazy fae-chap’s gonna come here and do something nasty to our lord?”
“Yeah, prolly nothing. No reason to up the alertness or even bother to see if our guard can do anything in case of an attack. I mean it’s not as if our world is filled with terrifyingly powerful beings.”
“Yeah, about that… I even heard about this super powerful sorceror mouse.”
“Okay, now you’re just talk plain old crazy there.” 😀

Been out in the wilderness for a week with the scouts.

Malkit sounds awful familiar to me. Haven’t we encountered him before?

Striking before the folk above get the chance. 😀

Old site go boom, archive go woosh, so now we see older adventure again so we can get it back on site. 😀
So yeah, recycling old story, but still fun to see it again. Malkit is just such a fun villain in my books.

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