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Dude! Since when did you get this trigger-happy with your potential enemies? I agree that these merry men from the far-away lands deserve to be blasted, but everything else as well? You know… Villagers and stuff? 🙁

You don’t want to see Oswald ANGRY. You wouldn’t like him when he’s angry. A bunch of rather nasty goblins found that out the hard way, and yes, they involved the same trigger, Sally. Sweet, innocent, little girl Sally, the first creature EVER to treat Oswald kindly, and then he was forced to watch her life stolen away by beings who didn’t even deign to explain themselves. They were made to answer for it, and now so will this “Master” and all its minions.

Shouldn’t the pronoun tense stay the same?

“Wherever he sees him and his or his handiwork”


“I will destroy it.”


Granted, Oswald’s current rage is beyond measure, but a true scholar like him would say either “Wherever I see him or his handiwork, I will be there to destroy it” or “wherever he sees him or his handiwork, he will destroy it!”

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