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While I wasn’t quite expecting this method of exit (although others were), I still say he’s exiting a conundrum of his own making and on some level knows it. If this is one of his mysterious “deaths” then at least we’ll get to learn more about it (I hope). 😀

And since this is the end of the story, I’m going to stick with my logic and say this was the only way Oswald could’ve resolved the conundrum – not merely through noble self-sacrifice, but because somehow he was the cause of the conundrum.

I learned something from Jung and Einstein: no human problem can be solved by the same form of consciousness which created it. I believe Oswald realized he was trying to solve a problem he created with the very means he created it and then realized the only possible solution was self-sacrifice, and with it departure from Dreamland.

Unless, of course, JDC would like to add a little clarification (such as, “Good guess, but you’re off by a country mile, JR”)… 😀

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