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Noooo… πŸ˜›
No messing up with my prophecies! πŸ™
Go Oswald! Prove that bully wrong! πŸ˜€

But seriously though, when I first said this was all in our fae-boy’s head here, I was merely making up “what if” -scenarious. I didn’t actually think it would happen. But still it would be superbly cool if it did. πŸ˜€

“That bully”?! Seriously? πŸ˜›

What I’d find a lot more interesting would be 1) if Oswald’s misunderstanding the situation, 2) if he realizes that and 2a) realizes the reality only makes the problem a lot harder to deal with, and 3) what in Dreamland can even he do about it without just simply vaporizing the lot of them.

That sounds a lot like one of JDC-ONE’s insane plot twists to me. πŸ˜€

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