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This. This was absolutely not fair towards Oswald and made me even dislike Diane a bit. Had he not intervened, the kobold would have been marching to war with trolls and whatnot with still scary powerful pork queen at their head.

What Oswald did ended up being sad to number of people, but if he had not done it, it would have been sad for far more creatures in the long run.

Not to mention, like Oswald said, Diane was not there and only got one side of the story from a very biased narrator. She really should be able to see beyond that. No bad Ozwid, but bad Dinae, bad. At least I hope Ordith would side with Oswald on this one…

Not to mention that she still carries the attitude that she would be better off without having to “babysit” him for all the extra burden that he involuntary brings with her secret responsibility. If she has to watch over him, she prefers it on only her terms.

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