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My Time With Clive Vol. 3 53

My Time With Clive Vol. 3 53 published on 6 Comments on My Time With Clive Vol. 3 53


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Boy. You reeaaaally have some issues with new things. You’re just the type of people who listen to rock or metal and tell people it’s music from Hell and everyone listening to it is worshipping Satan. 😛
The only difference being that this time you just happen to be right. Again I have to ask, what if you hadn’t been? 😀

Just how would he save them, fellow readers? He was the only one who saw the evil come in by stealth in the first place. I seriously doubt anything he told them would be believed.

I was just thinking there had to be a distortion guitar in there somewhere. 😀 But I’m reminded there is some traditional harp and other music from Brittany, of the sort by which people used to burn other people in wicker cages according to a friend now deceased (a former druid, no less), which would work just as well here. Compared to other “Celtic” music it is truly eerie.

Velgar: about rock music and its effects (and stated purposes!), I have a book or three I could recommend to you… to say nothing about what the ancient Greeks, Confucius, and others have said historically about what certain elements of music can do to people. Human nature hasn’t changed and neither have the traps people put themselves in… the traps just wear different clothes.

What I’m implying in terms of rock’s effects is no secret. It’s not some kind of conspiracy theory. It’s stated openly by its top practitioners and they don’t care who knows it. It’s also verified by clinical science: the phenomenon of “brain switching” in neurology being one of the angles one might take on the subject. Our tastes as such are useless here – in no art is it easier to put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter in our minds than in music.

Part of the trouble in learning right discernment is that music is an organic whole and different effects can reinforce or else mitigate each other when combined – the anapestic beat, for example, is not deleterious of itself, but how it is used can be. The same is true of the tritone, which medieval European theorists rejected as “the devil in music” but which the ancient Greeks and Hebrews embraced for expressive effect.

Wow, gone for a month and a half and you guys get well researched. Any who, we are dealing with fae here. Fae are sensitive to things such as music, our hero here seemingly more so. Different cultures have different music and we have seen in the past (future?) That there is some evil cultures in the fae community.

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