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And I was expecting THAT even less.

Who is Mr. Eldritch and why does he keep showing up in such stories? 😉

Eldritich is based on the word “Eld” meaning “old” as in “ancient, before recorded time, forgotten eons upon eons ago.” What makes them scary is that they’ve been gone so long from what is now our world that we literally can not conceive how their biology, ecology, or morality works, nor can they understand us. We also don’t know why they left, or what they hope to gain by COMING BACK.

Of course I was making a joke – I know perfectly well was “eldritch” means. 😀 But we have seen “eldritch lightning” being used by a human in FALLEN GODS against Ol’ What’s His Name, I’ll Never Forget Him (the fae in question shook off the blow).

But you may be committing the etymological fallacy here. That etymology is not even certain in the first place and in the second, the modern application is much more general.

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