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Huzzaa! We are back on track! ^^
Good show. And before any bigger spoilers. Excellent.

Also Ordith is one of the best characters ever. He’s very strong counter to Oswald. A being who knows a whole host of things and is physically strong, but impaired by his injuries and left with limited capability to use the knowledge he possesses.

Where as Oswald has all the ability to utilise all the knowledge kn the world, innate ability to tap into any source of power, but with no knowledge as to how to do that really.

Kinda minor spoiler, but helps also to understand his character. Oswald is very Gary Stu, but not because each different situation needs him to be and he just suddenly has all the tools to fix the situation. He does get his furry bottom handed to him more often than not. He just has power. But he doesn’t know the first thing about that power. Until he slowly learns.

And I got rambling again. Good to have the comic back on track again! ^^

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