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My Time With Clive vol.7 pg 2

My Time With Clive vol.7 pg 2 published on 4 Comments on My Time With Clive vol.7 pg 2

pg 2

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Is this one those “Bob did sayeth the Lord’s name in vain and now He’s mad at all of us” -things? ‘Cose Lord seems to be fickle like that…

On another note, yesterday’s comments seem to have disappeared for some reason…

Yea, my bad I attempted to re upload that page and screwed it up thus deleting the comments, my apologies.

No piglets. ‘Tis not like these words were that immortal wisdoms as many in the-h-nets would like to believe… Still it’s fun to go back at least a day every now and then to see if someone did write something interesting while one was gone. After all, wisdom or not, the words were written to be read, so least one can do is offer them such kindness. 😀

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