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This does not look good. Maybe Pinky and the Brain aren’t far away after all.

Maybe the Power Puff Girls πŸ˜€

Actually that looks a bit more Power Puff Girls than Animaniacs… Scary…
But! Does that make Oswald one of the Rowdy Rough Boys or will he be “loaning” the moniker of Mystical ~Mighty Mouse~! πŸ˜€
And still you don’t deliver us the knowledge of whether this is the Chtulhu-made dreamworld in a dream or a whole new adventure…
Bad JDC. Bad baby. πŸ˜›

Yes, he does. You have all the clues right in front of you. It won’t help to draw you a picture because JRC has already done that. πŸ˜€

It’s what he truly hasn’t revealed yet which fascinates me.

Actually you might have to do just that since waking up alone doesn’t still prove you any more right than Oswald telling Jon to wake up did prove me right. No baseless “I told you so” -rights for you either. πŸ˜€
And second thing that waking up alone doesn’t prove is that we are at the moment right after where we last saw him. This could be happening in any given moment of his life from all we can tell right now.
Not to mention I’m pretty sure from his “what the heck are these” -look at his own paws that the current drawing style is not only a refreshing change of surrounds, but an actual plot-point. Which again could be result of many, many, maaaany causes.
All that we have yet to see to be sure. πŸ˜›
And don’t you make me pull up your “what you’ve been smoking” -comments by being the kind of person I’ve a bad habit of being. πŸ˜‰

Pinky would love that treatment, The Brain would loathe it. And either way, Warner Bros. and Steven Spielberg would sue you. πŸ˜‰

BTW, I was just reading with considerable fascination (on Wikipedia, not a bad place to begin on the subject as it turns out) about the otaki culture in Japan, and especially how it relates to anime and manga. The fascination wasn’t just for its own sake. It was the culture’s ironic and ultimate roots in the hierarchical meritocracy that is Japan’s social order. Talk about uber-geekdom…

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