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Here’s a little something

Here’s a little something published on 1 Comment on Here’s a little something

My apologies to everyone who’s been waiting. I’ll have something back up regularly starting mid next month. I’ve just been super busy trying to keep everything moving along, but we’re coming back 😀

Something from the future, Oswald lives in Dream 🙂

The Oswald Chronicles now on Indiegogo

The Oswald Chronicles now on Indiegogo published on No Comments on The Oswald Chronicles now on Indiegogo

Hello everyone

Currently I’m running a campaign on Indiegogo for those who may have missed the KS campaign. This is for Passing Queens and Making Homes 1-3.

We’re also offering alternative covers by Donny Hadiwidjaja, they can be seen here:

And here’s a little taste:

So if you missed it the first time here’s your second chance to help out and keep The Oswald Chronicles running.

Thank you all for your support.


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