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Oswald has something to tell you :D

Oswald has something to tell you :D published on No Comments on Oswald has something to tell you :D

This is an email I sent out to everyone who’s part of our list I thought everyone here might get a kick out of it. Also here’s the link to our latest Kickstarter: so go check it out while there’s still time 😀

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An Oswald Primer!

An Oswald Primer! published on No Comments on An Oswald Primer!

First time here? Been visiting us a while? Here’s a video by JD Calderon that explains The Oswald Chronicles!

Click here to start the video!

Don’t forget to subscribe to JD’s new YouTube channel while you’re there for more comic related content!

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The Oswald Chronicles: My Time With Clive KS campaign :D

The Oswald Chronicles: My Time With Clive KS campaign :D published on No Comments on The Oswald Chronicles: My Time With Clive KS campaign :D


Hello everyone

First I would like to say thank you for visiting The Oswald Chronicles.

We currently have a campaign running for The Oswald Chronicles: My Time With Clive, where we have Oswald taking a break from ruling over the Mar in dream to help a lost angelic babe find his parents, which can be seen here:

We’re also offering a chapbook in the campaign for an illustrated “What My Eyes See I Cannot Tell” with illustrations by Daphne Lage, Jade Gonzalez, Dedy Koerniawan, Eryono Tilis, and Kame.

Also please be sure to vote for Oswald on it does help bring much needed attention to the comic 😀

Thank you all for being awesome and the support

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Stretch Goal :D

Stretch Goal :D published on 1 Comment on Stretch Goal :D

Hello everyone

It’s now time to announce our stretch goal we’re currently running a Kickstarter campaign for: Fallen Gods and if we reach 1500. I’ll be sending out to everyone who pledges a PDF copy of: The Trial of Oswald, A Star Trimmer Story. In the third installment in this series — we find Oswald recounting the tale of his time as emperor of the Mar and the destruction of the Mar Capital Windara, along with the annihilation of the Mar people.

The link is here:

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Fallen Gods now on Kickstarter :D

Fallen Gods now on Kickstarter :D published on No Comments on Fallen Gods now on Kickstarter :D

Hello everyone

Just like the title says The Oswald Chronicles is on Kickstarter.

The link is here:

So please help us keep the dream alive by supporting the campaign.

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It’s Kickstarter Time :D

It’s Kickstarter Time :D published on No Comments on It’s Kickstarter Time :D


It’s been a while and again we have another Kickstarter running.

This time it’s for Fallen Gods our first color book featuring Oswald and some of his crew as they fly off to fight evil sorcerers and mad gods.

So please follow the link and help keep the story running, because all proceeds will go to funding future episodes of The Oswald Chronicles.

Note if you want to visit the Kickstarter page just click on the K at the upper left hand corner of the video and it will take you there 🙂


Thank you all for the support.


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New Privacy Policy!

New Privacy Policy! published on 1 Comment on New Privacy Policy!

First time here? Or your 100th? We have a new privacy policy up and we’d love it for you to read it first before continuing on the website.

You can find our Privacy Policy here:


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published on No Comments on

We’re running a Kickstarter campaign and it’s doing well so we’re offering up a stretch goal.
So if you can go pick up some books and help us spread the word

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Issues 7 & 8 have arrived :D

Issues 7 & 8 have arrived :D published on No Comments on Issues 7 & 8 have arrived :D

Hello everyone

I would like to start with my deepest thanks to all of you for supporting myself and my projects over the years.

And I want to let those of you know that the first arc in Oswald’s life is complete and now available here:

So please feel free to take a look and see how a mouse most uncommon began his life 😀

Please help spread the word 😀



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Tall Tails Peace Keepers is coming :D

Tall Tails Peace Keepers is coming :D published on No Comments on Tall Tails Peace Keepers is coming :D

Hello everyone

It’s time for an update 😀

First thank you all for supporting our work we wouldn’t be able to continue our work without your generosity.
Daphne and I have been busy these last few weeks getting out all of physical pledges for Oswald’s last Kickstarter. The final packages went out today 🙂

Also please vote for The Oswald Chronicles on Top Web Comics here:

Now the big news is that we’re launching another Kickstarter for Tall Tails the Peace Keepers a 3 part limited series that had only a limited run as a trade. We’re now offering this series, that exists in the same universe and time frame as our current Tall Tails comic, for the first time in comic format. If you’re interested please check it out and help support the cause it can be seen here:

And here are 3 pages from my super secret not so secret Oswald project 😀

We also have 2 reviews

Shutter Vol. 5 by Joe Keatinge and Leila Del Duca

I’ve been reading this series since the first volume and I’ve enjoyed it all the way through this is its final volume. The story revolves around a young lady named Kate Kristopher and her very bizarre family, a clock cat that goes from cute to murderous and weird cabalistic groups looking to end the world in multi dimensional planes. The story is engaging across all five volumes. It’s a series that I’m going to have to reread all in one sitting so if you like strange dimension hoping stories you may want to give this one a shot.

Batman the Dark Knight: Master Race by Frank Miller, Brian Azzarello, Andy Kubert and Klaus Janson

The one thing I expected from this series was nothing because I had read so many negative things about it on line before I had even seen the book that my expectations were pretty low, but what I got was a good book that was actually a nice bit of fun. We have an aging Bruce Wayne who’s been presumed dead for many years, while Robin has taken his place along with Wonder Woman who’s had 2 children with Superman, one a young woman while the second is an infant boy that WW carries around like a back pack, while mommy does her WW stuff. We also have Green Lantern, The Atom, Hawkman and Hawkwoman, and a slew of enlarged Kandorians who just make a mess of things. The story is well done and nicely paced and Andy Kubert’s artwork is awesome as always. The pieces of the story that are illustrated by Frank Miller are a little rough but they’re still pretty good. All in all I enjoyed it and I’ll probably give it another read down the road. Is it as good as The Dark Knight Returns, no, but very little is, I liked it more than DK II, but that’s not really saying much because I hated what he did to Dick Greyson in that story, so I’m biased. For me I hope Frank Miller keeps working and putting out comics, he was one of my earliest inspiration to become a comics writer and although I don’t always gel with his politics I still enjoy his work, so if you want to read a fun comic that’s not really tied into the whole DC universe thing you may want to check this one out.

Thank you all once again.
JD Calderon

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