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You can now find The Oswald Chronicles books and other products here:


The Oswald Chronicles: My First Day is now available as a digital download on COMIXOLOGY


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The Oswald Chronicles Vol 1 – KINDLE EDITION: $2.99
Volume One compiles three Oswald Chronicles stories into one package.

“The Park Avenue Mall War”: Two of Oswald’s friends are in disagreement. What is a mouse to do when an angry Troll and warrior Faerie find that the only way to settle their dispute is to war with one another?

“We Were Just Passing Through”: Oswald finds himself surrounded by a group of desperate Kalsion warriors who have stolen an ancient artifact from their enemies – enemies who will do anything to regain control of it including storming the mall Oswald calls home.

“A Deal is a Deal”: A passing truck causes a wall in Oswald’s home to collapse, revealing a curious bottle. Within that bottle is a trapped imp who dares Oswald to purchase him and wish all of his woes away, but the price may be higher than Oswald thinks.

The Oswald Chronicles Vol 2 – KINDLE EDITION: $2.99
Volume Two compiles three Oswald Chronicles stories into one package.

“It Broke Free and Couldn’t Read”: Crazed and close to death, Dofon finds himself on Oswald’s home. While tending to the fierce gnome warrior, Oswald discovers Dofon’s dark past and the monstrosity that haunts his every waking thought.

“When My Friends Wander”: Jeremy, a redcap who refuses to dip his cap in blood in his people’s tradition, finds himself alienated from his own family. Can even Oswald help him with his familial problems?

“A Drake by My Bed”: What do you do when a dragon comes into your home and asks, “Save the Earth or humanity?” How do you answer when you’re just a tiny mouse in the middle of Manhattan?


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