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Oswald’s first trade paperback is now live :D

Oswald’s first trade paperback is now live :D published on No Comments on Oswald’s first trade paperback is now live :D

Hello my fellow Oswaldians

I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know that the first Oswald trade paperback is now being offered in Kickstarter:

This trade offers up My First Day, and the first three issues to Passing Queens and Making Homes. We’ve already achieved our goal to print and we’re looking to hit our second stretch goal, a trading card with awesome art by Jade Gonzalez, featuring the cover of issue #2.

For those of you who already have the individual issues and are looking for something new, we’re also offering up the fourth installment in The Star Trimmer series of stories, a prose chap book series that follows Oswald as he recounts his life in dream as Emperor of the Mar. The title of this volume is: A Return to Dream, in this chapter Oswald discovers that his long lost daughter is still alive, and the remaining Mar that survived the destruction of Windara, the capital city of The Mar, are about to be conquered by an old advisory of Oswald’s.

For those who like the merch, we’re offering up a t-shirt, and a hard enamel pin 😀

So thank you all for supporting myself, Oswald, and our team.

I also have a few friends who have Kickstarter campaigns that are being run that you may want to check out, because they’re awesome 😀

Memoirs of an Angel: The Labyrinth   

Chadhiyana: The Girl with the Fire-Ringed Eyes

Road To Valhalla #2: A Supernatural Viking/Horror Epic!

Thank you all again for being awesome 🙂

JD Calderon

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