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We’re back :)

We’re back :) published on 3 Comments on We’re back :)

Hello everyone

As you can see the site is back up and I attempted to back date it and kind of missed the mark so it’s going to take a week or so to get back to where we were.

On top of that the site is pretty much new, so everyone who wants to comment will have to wait for me to approve them again. This had to be done because we literally had tens of thousands of spam hits a week.

On top of that we’re only 10 days away from the end of the current Kickstarter campaign and now is the time to jump on if you want to help this strip survive, so please come on board and get yourself a book 🙂

Thank you all for enduring this with us and please vote for us on



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Uh… because they are residents, and also your kith and kin? 😀 Boy, your comments (insert Foghorn Leghorn voice here) are beginnin’ ta remind me of a certain rabbit outfoxing a certain wrassler who was as strong as an ox… and, uh, just about as smart… 😉

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