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New Kickstarter for Oswald :D

New Kickstarter for Oswald :D published on 1 Comment on New Kickstarter for Oswald :D

Hello everyone

I have a new Kickstarter for The Oswald Chronicles which can be found here:

The new KS is to help in publish the new line of Oswald comics and features the first 3 issues of the series.

Please note that this is the first time that I’m doing a KS that features books that have never been published on the main Oswald page, so if you want to see something new this is your opportunity.

So please go check it out and even if you can’t buy a book please help by spreading the word.

Thank you all.

JD Calderon

1 Comment

I simply don’t know wether to bless you again or curse you for making such addictive content. Just got the kickstarter goods and I’m completely enthralled by Oswald’s younger years’ shenanigans. But. As my thinksy noggin suspects, this will be a longer running thing, so where might one go about purchasing or even subscribing fir more of the same? It’s not like I could just leave it like this. Not knowing what is there to yet come. 😀

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