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Little Nemo In Slumberland from Taschen :)

Little Nemo In Slumberland from Taschen :) published on No Comments on Little Nemo In Slumberland from Taschen :)

Hello everyone

I’m back again and I have another batch of books 🙂 So the problem continues and I’m excited because I got the massive Little Nemo in Slumberland reprint from Taschen and it’s not only massive but a very gorgeous book. It comes with a compendium book with a history of Little Nemo and his creator Winsor McKay, written by Alexander Braun, which will take me a while to read considering I have so many other books to read. Fortunately I already looked through the Previews and the next order looks like it should be a light one, lol, if you only knew how many times I’ve told myself that after looking through the catalog and then finding out I ended up purchasing more books because it was light from my usual sources so I decided to experiment with other titles only making my problem worse 🙂 Now of course I hope all of you understand that I say problem with a smile because it really isn’t one in the sense that I’m doing damage to myself, but rather that I’m running out of shelf space and I don’t want to have to place anything in storage or resort to having to keep them in long boxes. Once again thank you all for supporting the Oswald Chronicles and Tall Tails and please continue doing so by voting for them on 😀


Before I get to a couple of reading suggestions here’s a look at an Oswald page for the next story coming up as well a page from a story that will not appear on the site for some time to come 🙂 Let me know what you think?

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Anyway onward and forward to some reading suggestions, with last month’s books I got a copy of Fantastic Four Omnibus vol. 2 by Jonathan Hickman and various artists. I have to say various because there are a lot of them. Now in the past I have done reviews and to be honest I hate doing them because on occasion there comes along a book that just needs to have the literary shit kicked out of it for one reason or another and I hate beating up on other people’s children. Now many feel that it’s a kind of service one provides by warning others to stay away from these books. I would rather not do that and just give my suggestions for books that I enjoyed. Like this book and the first volume. Now the first volume is interesting because it starts out slow very slow and at first I didn’t know if I would like it so I kept on reading, about 1/3rd of the way through I found myself enjoying the book due to Hickman’s insane concepts and ideas. I loved the league of Reed Richards, the building of a school of super geniuses, Kree and Inhuman interactions and war, Doctor Doom saving the day, Johnny Storm taking over the Negative Zone and then getting voted out as its leader and just tons of other things that went on. Was it perfect, no but what is. The real question was it fun? If you enjoy the Fantastic Four then I would say this is a must read, if you haven’t read the FF since the John Byrne run much like myself then I would say you’ll probably enjoy this.


The other book I received is Thor vol.1 by Jason Aaron, Esad Ribic, and Jaskson Guice. Now I myself am a huge fan of Walter Simonson’s run on Thor and I never thought I would find a story to rival that one but I think Jason Aaron and co. have done just that by presenting us with not 1 Thor but 3, from 3 different times in his life. We have young wild Thor who thinks of nothing but fighting women and mead, then there’s Avengers Thor the one we all know and love, and finally we have all Father Thor who has ruled over Asgard for millennia. I love the beginning of this story with a little girl on some far off planet who heard of Thor and his exploits during his gallivanting around the galaxy with the Avengers during the Infinity series of stories (another book by Hickman that was a lot of fun). Her world is barren and hasn’t had rain fall in years, her and her people will die if they do not have rain so she prays to Thor who answers her and brings rain to her world for the first time in a long time. Thor has some mead with the locals where he discovers that the local pantheon of gods has been MIA for some time, so long so that they are just considered children’s stories which Thor takes as an affront but instead of smashing the guy who tells him this like young Thor would have he instead goes looking for the missing deities. That’s the set up and the rest is golden as he finds himself confronting a god killer who hates gods and loves for nothing more than their slaughter. Lots of fun and I’m looking forward to more from Jason Aaron and co.


Until next time, thank you and please help the Oswald Chronicles and Tall Tails by voting for them on
Best JD Calderon

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