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My Time With Clive vol. 8 pg 62

My Time With Clive vol. 8 pg 62 published on 6 Comments on My Time With Clive vol. 8 pg 62


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A) He was under your spell. Your own spell Oswald. And you’re trying to tell me this is the best way to wake him? Sure he seems to have gotten angry about the wound, but paralyzed by fear of sudden, and painful, unknown would have been quite likely as well…
B) I guess Oswald did make him bigger then. Hope the folks get to see how big their babyboy has gotten. And then dread the thought of finding big enough replacement diapers…
C) Still. The eyebeams. Sure Clive is probably now bigger and perhaps magically boosted by Oswald, but there was the folks with two grownup-sized lazerpointers, who were hyped by anger, fear of loss of their child and desperation to get back to the said child, so… Is it Oswald or do the eyebeams work like snakevenom, the smaller and/or younger the snake, the more potent the venom is? 😛
So many questions! Bad Baby, J. D. 😛
Rambling aside, I’m still considering this in easy top5 of comics that I follow… And those number in several dozens…

Since Oswald was forced to draw from a different “source” a few pages ago in order to survive, he’s looked pumped up on some rather dark, violent energies. It’s been affecting his demeanor, and now his behavior, making him seriously more aggressive than we’re used to.

I suspect Oswald has been… changed by whatever dark power it is that he’s accessed.

“Once and only once before have I visited the well and I drank deep and it frightened me. The lonely voices give to me their strength and their rage.” (page 44).

And on page 60 he was sneering at the lord of flies. He was amused. That’s not Oswald as we know him.

I hope the calm, kind Oswald who has strength without cruelty manages to find his way back – but I begin to understand why Diane and Ordith swore an oath to be a last line of defence against Oswald if he were ever to turn bad. Maybe that is a greater risk than either believe.

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