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My Time With Clive vol. 8 pg 50

My Time With Clive vol. 8 pg 50 published on 4 Comments on My Time With Clive vol. 8 pg 50


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Umm… Belby… You know you already have two of those in you ranks? Who aren’t shrunk to the size of your palm. And that Clive now knows a Bad Baby when he sees one? And even if you did somehow make Clive more obedient than his folks, you’d need to get rid of his said folks or they would sabotage you at some step to save their Good Baby? Oh, and you already made the number one villain mistake with this plan when you didn’t make sure your enemies weren’t really down when they should be, but…
We’ll get to THAT in a bit… Oh, yes we will… 😀

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