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My Time With Clive vol. 8 pg 117

My Time With Clive vol. 8 pg 117 published on 4 Comments on My Time With Clive vol. 8 pg 117


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Oswald has a son? How is that possible? His own species is repulsed by him…

Either Oswald is into inter-species romance or..

The alternative is too horrific to contemplate.

Haven’t even yet read the last book in my library of Oswald goodness, so I can’t say if he’s biological son or not, but from what I’ve gathered, Mar are shapechangers of some sort or Oswald “just” voodooed them more mouselike, so…
At least according to one witness account they used to be more tentacly… And tasted more calamari-like, if my memory serves me right…

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