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Rainbow Days 80

Rainbow Days 80 published on 7 Comments on Rainbow Days 80


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Wait… Wait… Just wait a minute!
What Oswald is implying there is that where as he won’t sacrifice people, he’s perfectly willing to let Clive destroy people… Just so our “gentlemouse” wont bloody his own hands… Sheeeesh!
Might not be what tried to imply though… 😀

I think (hope) that the different nature of Oswald and Clive’s powers means that Clive can go all angelclops justice on Hedgewood without the collateral damage that Oswald would cause if he was the one dispensing justice.

I think it might also be something along the lines of Oswald being kind of a d&d paladin while Clive is like the party rogue, they tend to differ in how they solve problems. Oswald is currently taking the “I’m going to leave this fight to check out that rustic architecture.” approach. Also to my knowledge Oswald is NOT here as a dreamer but in actual flesh. That might be applicable.

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