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Passing Queens pg 45

Passing Queens pg 45 published on 2 Comments on Passing Queens pg 45


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“Now be a good Christian and flip the other cheek, so I can slap it as well.”
Now I’m not completely against using pain as an teaching aid, but there is a hairthin line between causing just pain and being cruel just in general. Like taking hold of someone’s hair. Can be painful and definitely uncomfortable. You will remember that you did something wrong. Same with ear or somesuch. But outright pulling someone around while holding them like that is unnecessary. Though comedic when an old lady hold some big person by the ear and leads them around.
Spanking? Never got it myself, but I think it could work. But then using something other than your hand, especially something like belt with the buckle-end… No. Just no.

And most importantly, never do it because you just felt like it needed to be done. Because they just slighted you. Or merely inconvenienced you. You’re the one in the need of some “disciplinary action” if those were the reasons…

But all things said, the slap here was unwarrantedly hard, the way it looks and for heck’s sake, she hundreds of years old. You can talk this out.

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