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The Light That Attracts 153

The Light That Attracts 153 published on 2 Comments on The Light That Attracts 153


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Even out of all the respect to your age, power and “accomplishments”… I certainly wouldn’t call you a lady.

In old Karelia dialect there’s a good word for you. “Ämmä” or “Aemmae” as letter “Ä” gets written in places where they don’t use the letter itself. It’s an old name for grandmother or in some parts of Finland for elderly woman relative in general. It was in parts highly honourable tittle and I’ve even heard it told of one woman who was insulted when she was called grandmother instead.

Whereas nowadays the word has suffered so badly that the word more often than not refers to a nagging bitch, with added hint that she’s beyond the best of her prime, and is widely seen as an outright insult or at best as a very crude and coarse petname, also little demeaning as such.

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