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The Light That Attracts 152

The Light That Attracts 152 published on 4 Comments on The Light That Attracts 152


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This used to be part which I disliked most of all these stories. And I still kinda don’t like it. As mentioned above, the answer is not really false, but Oswald know what is being asked, so he knows he is giving false knowledge in the guise of truth.

Then again, back in the day I did not know Oswald had had by this point a whole lifetime of adventures, scheming and many a betrayal as experience, so dealing with evil, deceitful creatures like Baba does sometimes need some honest lies…

Regardless, it still is somehow not-Oswald to do this and continues to be my least favourite thing. Which is kinda strange knowing that Oswald has in couple of instances refused to help some and outright destroyed others when they got enough on his nerves. XD
But those really deserved it too more than not.

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