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The Light That Attracts 129

The Light That Attracts 129 published on 1 Comment on The Light That Attracts 129


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All spoken has no doubt been true. Oswald is perhaps the world’s only Gary Stu character that I have ever liked.
Probably because despite him *perhaps* being the most powerful thing to ever thing, he’s not sure of it himself and he sure as heck doesn’t want to test it out either if he does not need to, he goes to great lengths not to be forced to using his immense powers and when he does, he does so with the best interested of *everyone* involved. Even the villains most of the time.

Granted, there was this little hissy-fit he had with a tribe of goblins, but I guess any character is allowed a pet peeve and his just happens to be critters killing his closest friends. As far as those go, even it is rather understandable nervepoint.

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