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Rainbow Days [COVER]

Rainbow Days [COVER] published on 4 Comments on Rainbow Days [COVER]

• Written by JD Calderon
• Illustrated by Daphne Lage

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Daphne Lage is going to draw this arc?! Please tell me that this will happen!!! (I wonder if she’s still a fan of “The Secret of NIMH”?)

Yes, I am drawing this arc. Do you think JD can write a story with unicorns in it and NOT have me involved? 😀

And of course I’m still a fan of The Secret of NIMH. <3 That movie is just absolutely everything to me along with The Last Unicorn, Rocket Raccoon, and Elfquest. I don't think I'd be doing the art I'm doing now without it.

Glad you're excited about this story! Thanks!

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