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Fallen Gods 75

Fallen Gods 75 published on 3 Comments on Fallen Gods 75


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Ah, the age old question whether god should show more interest towards his/her followers and whether s/he is a giant douche for not doing so… Regards the Christian god, I tend to think… “Oh, the world bites and is dark and evil place? And God is poopyhead for not giving us everything we want? He (She) already gave us pretty much everything we have here (by popular belief), so hows about you do something with that to make world a better place. Wouldn’t that be a good start? And not just whine how someOne doesn’t do anything…”
But got to love the gnomebuddy here… Outside it’s war and the first thing he thinks when a human talks about people about to die that he ment only humans… 😛

You look at how often God punished his chosen people in the Old Testament and then look at the world today and wonder why Wrathful-End-of-the-World (but not by Flooding ever again) hasn’t happened yet. Or maybe it has and we’ve been left behind (chuckle). Or whatever the chosen people did back then was indescribably worse than what the human population does today?

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