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Fallen Gods 104

Fallen Gods 104 published on 3 Comments on Fallen Gods 104


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Yes, Malkit.Wanting revenge at God because you abandoned him in his time of need. [[sarcasm]] You can’t possibly be the mad one, right? [[/sarcasm]]

Well to be fair, I don’t think Malkit was even a dream in the corner of his mother’s mind when the fae went against God’s will, so… It’s a bit like blaming germans for what nazis did. Granted, quite the few americans claimed couple of years back that their victory on football field against japanese was come-back for Pearl Harbor… Forgetting they were the ones who dropped the bombs…

Who’s to blame and what-not can be surprisingly hard. But that “impossibility of being forgotten” is something I think Malkit should be wise enough to take as a real possibility. Sure we document things better nowadays, doubt fae are that much exception, but things still get forgotten…

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