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My Time With Clive Vol. 3 82

My Time With Clive Vol. 3 82 published on 9 Comments on My Time With Clive Vol. 3 82


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Ooooh, that does it! Sorceror supreme, lord of all living things, saint without an equal, be you wharever, you don’t… I repeat. You don’t make Clive cry! Bad mouse! Bad! Bad baby! >_<!

And wasn't Jon just a second ago saying how Oswald should just blast the heck out of them? Sheesh, boy. Make up your mind already…

As another magic-wielder, Gandalf the White, said at his own parting, “I will not say, do not weep, for not all tears are an evil.”

That second paragraph is basically what I thought too.

But I believe all the more now we’re going to find out these are Oswald’s self-created monsters and this is the only way he can resolve that particular conundrum. And presumably – I hope – solving it will set the denizens of the village free of their metamorphosis.

Oswald must understand and have confidence in his own magic enough to know whether and how it should work. That he’s had to use stronger and stronger measures to no avail implies to me (and I believe by now, to him) that he’s actually fighting himself – and that something about the evil we’ve seen, and what causes it, relates to his fighting himself. And that means there is only one resolution: he must depart Dreamland himself and find out what the real cause of the problem is.

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