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My Time With Clive Vol. 3 78

My Time With Clive Vol. 3 78 published on 7 Comments on My Time With Clive Vol. 3 78


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RECAP: ok so at the start of this story we learned that Oswald has been roaming the dreamscape for years and now for some time with Clive. At first he was reluctant to help those in dream because he felt it useless though he has been going back to his old ways again. When he used the aguement that to continue to dream would nt be fair to those you left for the dream he was asked why he himself doesn’t though the dreamer couldn’t understand why they said it. Now diezens are being affected by things while not in a dream and it is o overwhelming him.
Hypothesis: Oswald is running from something, I doubt we’ll find out in this story, but now it seems like some entity is guiding Oswald to eventually decide to face it. The quest surrounding clive, Clive hero attitude, the current arc… Wait, I’m just trying to break the 4th wall here am I not?

Sooooo… are you trying to say this is Oswald’s own nightmare?

Hm, interesting. And that may well be right.

The more I think about this, the more I think this may be right. Oswald always has to find his way out of some ethical and/or logical conundrum. This one looks like his worst ethical and logical nightmare – which can only mean it’s one of his own creation. It also reminds me of some nightmares I’ve had where the same cause-and-effect was involved and only my taking control of the dream and waking from it resolved the conundrum.

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