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My Time With Clive vol. 4 pg 23

My Time With Clive vol. 4 pg 23 published on 4 Comments on My Time With Clive vol. 4 pg 23


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DUDE!! O_o””””
Ozzy-boy, you reheheheally need to work on those anger-management issues…
There was bound to be near hundreds of different things you could have done and your pick is? Eradicating yet another colony of sentient, if not lawful in the same nature as you, beings, who even stated they were on mission to save someone. Just… Dude… And for the very same reason as last time, no less.

They’re petrified, not exactly dead. They can (Maybe) be restored. If he wanted them dead, he would have torched them. Right now, they are neutralized. Trolls have so much stamina, they are apparently immune to sedation.

Good thinking, except for the fact that you have to take a lot of glue with you when “bringing them back” and seeing how they are breaking apart, even though you could turn the stone back to flesh, you’d need to mend it as well in someway to bring the different pieces back together…

So… We’ll just have to see. 😀

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