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My Time With Clive vol. 4 pg 110

My Time With Clive vol. 4 pg 110 published on 1 Comment on My Time With Clive vol. 4 pg 110


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1 Comment

Wait, wait, juuuust wait a God dang minute. You blasted the chiefs, sure. You turned back most of the villagers, true. But you did nothing to the original evil, since I doubt our horsemen were the prime evil nere. You didn’t even take care of all of the tentadudes, which leaves quite a foothold for the said evil. AND you’re about to leave completely clueless bunch of suitable targets in the care of a guy who clearly is not up nor willing for the leader position. Even if the villagers did believe him THIS TIME or bothered to follow him even if they did… Which won’t probably happen anyway, since John seems more eager to not remembering this whole incident…

Okay. Now I’m done. 😀

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